PHEROMONE. 12ml Oil Perfume (unisex)

PHEROMONE. 12ml Oil Perfume (unisex)

By Boehm
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PHEROMONE - Unisex Oil Perfume (12ml Rollerball)

A intriguing mix that drives the senses absolutely wild, one that will leave others feeling somewhat magnetized towards you.

With notes of oud, amber, musk, arabian incense & bitter almond oil

Suitable for all day, everyday.

We have 5 signature scents in our sensual oil perfume range that will drive the senses absolutely wild.

Each 5 of our scents are completely different. We have something for every mood, occasion & perfume collection. 

As we already know there are many benefits of wearing a deliciously sexy scent, let's delve into the details for a minute to boost your memory -

Aphrodisiac (Sometimes perfumes can act like an aphrodisiac) 
Enhance your mood (or others)
Boosts your confidence 
Creates an attraction (If you smell amazing, you feel amazing)
Triggers memories (along with music, fragrances can also take you back in time to a certain special moment)
Our entire perfume range is 100% perfume oil (alcohol-free)
Unlike regular perfume oil perfumes never go out of date, like a fine wine they actually get better with age.
10ml Rollerball bottles which are the perfect handbag essential.
Poured with love in Melbourne, Australia